Questions from Labels and Artists to artistxite

How can I get my new album reviewed on artistxite?

If your album is available in our shop, send us a link to it and we'll forward it on to our editorial team.


I am a musician. How can I sell my music at artistxite?

At the moment we do not offer direct sales from artists or labels. If you currently have a label or digital distributor, make sure that they deliver your music to artistxite. If you don't have a distributor, here is a list of distributors whose content is included in our shop:

finetunes (

tunecore (

CDbaby (

Believe (



You can find others here  .


I work for a label. How can I sell our music at artistxite?

At the moment we do not work directly with labels. If you have a digital distributor, make sure they are set up to distribute their content through 7digital.


The name of my band / album / song has changed. Can you please change it?

Please submit the changes to your label or distributor. This way the changes will automatically be passed down to us through metadata updates.


The photo that shows up on my artist page is wrong. Can you please change it?

Please send the new photo along with the photo credit to If possible, send a photo with a minimum width of 1080 px. This will help ensure that the photo is optimally displayed on your artist page.



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